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September 6 Trivia

He made his acting debut in Ruben Studdard's Flying Without Wings music video.
She studied drama at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.
He earned a degree in drama from the University of Manchester and in his third year there, he began writing with Bruce Mackinnon.
He spent many years in corrections, but was inspired to write and perform music by Screamin' Jay Hawkins. He released his debut album Penitentiary Blues in 1968.
Ariel (pronounced “R-E-L”) designs and personally makes clothing for her own fashion line, Custom Catastrophes.
She has also done acting work on stage, portraying Olivia in Hamlet and Cordelia in King Lear.
He invented Salsa golf, a mixture of ketchup and mayonaise, which is popular in Argentina.
A visual artist as well as a musician, he exhibited his paintings in 1998 at a gallery in Lillehammer, Norway.