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September 14 Trivia

He began rapping as a teen under the stage name Kid Wave.
He played quarterback during his high school career.
Her first big break came at the young age of nine in the film Big Fish, which featured Ewan McGregor.
She trained with the National Youth Ballet and the Associates of the Royal Ballet when she was younger.
He is an accomplished cross country and track and field runner, beating the seventh and eighth grade record and almost the state record for the fastest mile in Wisconsin. After moving to Los Angeles, he competed with the L.A. Falcons in the California State Games, bringing home two golds and a bronze.
A native of Christchurch, New Zealand, he was a student at Aranui High School.
He is one of the highest ranking members of the Catholic Church to openly disagree with the church's position on clerical celibacy.
He is known for his 1956 novel Houseboy, which became a classic of 20th century African literature.
His song "Pabadam" enjoyed critical success and was number nine in the Worldwide Winners 2000.