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October 7 Trivia

She originally planned to be a physical education teacher before being discovered by talent scouts.
She was born an only child and won the Best Actress Award at Maryland's high school competition when she was 17 years old.
He was a school teacher but resigned when the Bantu Education Act was passed.
She won her first regional figure skating championship at the Northern Championships in 1975.
He made his United States debut at Carnegie Hall in June 2003, participating in the 150th Anniversary Gala for Steinway and Sons.
His first term as President ended in 1968 when he was deposed by a military coup and he spent the next decade in the United States, teaching at Harvard and George Washington University.
He started a psychiatric community project at Kingsley Hall, where he had patients and therapists co-habitate together.
She participated, with the Red Army Faction, in numerous bombings and bank robberies and wrote, during this period, a manifesto called The Concept of the Urban Guerrilla.