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October 14 Trivia

He graduated from Chesapeake's Indian River High School in 2005.He attracted public attention and grew in popularity after his impression of President Barack Obama spread like wildfire on YouTube.
His debut single "Move It" influenced many British rock musicians.
He directed films and recorded "Itaktak Mo" or "Shake It Off," and other songs.
He got his start as a sports columnist covering the 76ers for the The Philadelphia Inquirer.
He renamed the Republic of Congo to Zaire in 1971 and in 1997 rebel forces led by Laurent Kabila expelled him from the country.
He issued a landmark report in 1986 that contained the first official government warning about the health threats of second-hand smoke.
He has a second channel called GTA5Videos where he helps to promote content creators in the YouTube gaming community. He also runs a couple of other businesses, including his own clothing line.