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October 11 Trivia

He first ventured into acting while in college as a means of getting closer to a crush.
He played one year of college basketball at Ohio State, taking his team to the NCAA Finals in 2007 where they were defeated by the Florida Gators.
He graduated from the University of Utah in 1984 and subsequently worked as an advertising executive. He signed a 4.2 million dollar contract with Simon & Schuster for the publication of his debut work, The Christmas Box.
His name does not appear on the opening credits of Duck Dynasty although he has a presence on the show.
She established the Rachel Elizabeth Barton Foundation, which promotes the appreciation of black composers and provides access to resources for deserving young students interested in string music.
He was given the title of "Senator for Life" after his presidency ended.
She had seven novels published in the year 2004 alone.