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March 26 Trivia

He began his acting career on the Broadway stage in the early 1970s and shortly after moved to Los Angeles to be on screen.
He made his directorial debut on the 1972 documentary I Am Chicano.
He is known for supporting film roles in the 2003 film American Wedding and and appeared in an Episode of Seinfeld titled "The Keys" as the Biker.
She was considered to be as attractive as she was articulate and didn't hesitate to use her beauty as a benefit, sending out a suggestive postcard during an early campaign that showcased her in a black slip and highlighted her long legs.
His famous published works included How to Do Things with Words, which led to his friendship with Noam Chomsky.
His other interests, literature and art, complemented his music well.
She received more than two dozen honorary degrees from both American and Chinese universities.
She has also made many film cameos throughout her career, like Epic Movie in 2007, The House Bunny in 2008, and Miss March in 2009.