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June 6 Trivia

She was an accomplished gymnast, competing from a young age until an injury sidelined her upon reaching level 8. She then landed a lead role in a 6th grade play and her love for entertaining came into fruition.
She first joined Modern Family in 2011 after replacing twins Jaden and Ella Hiller.
He lost part of his finger on the chain of his three wheeler and started playing guitar to rehabilitate his hand.
She was recognized for her cameo appearance in Psy's international hit music video, "Gangnam Style."
He was the president of All Ceylon United Motor Workers' Union.
He used to work at the Oracle corporation in Japan, where he researched such things as interferon’s potential for therapeutic intervention against cancer.
His concerts and workshops took him around the world from Berlin to Paris to Sydney to Western Ontario to Hong Kong.
In addition to her musicianship, she is known for her cosplay of characters like Lara Croft and Ms. Marvel.
She was one of the first Latvian models to appear in a Victoria's Secret runway show.