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He was the singer and songwriter for the Christian band, Fall Into Faith, and then turned to acting with an appearance on an episode of Disney Channel's Hannah Montana.
He also started performing with the band Almafuerte in 2003.
The author of poetry, novels, children's books, plays, and short stories, he was a two-time recipient of the Miladinov Brothers literary honor.
He wrote a defense of moral censorship and was known for Two Dogmas of Empiricism from 1951 and Word and Object from 1960.
He became a conductor after a variety of injuries to his skull, brain, and right arm sideswiped his concert career.
He established the Gaddafi International Foundation for Charity Associations, which came to the aid of hostages and became involved in a trial against Bulgarian medical professionals accused of infecting their child patients with the HIV virus.
He was graduated from the University of Moscow with a Ph.D. in Philosophy.