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June 1 Trivia

She earned a Masters of Fine Arts from the National Theater Conservatory in Denver, Colorado.
He met his partner Rhett McLaughlin in the first grade and they continued their education together all the way through college where they studied engineering at North Carolina State University. They subsequently quit their engineering jobs to make videos full time.
She has a highly subscribed YouTube channel, also called Wolftyla, with more than 100,000 subscribers.
He earned a college degree but decided to try and use his love for video games as an advantage and turn it into a job.
He has a second channel called NovaPipeBomb.
He was awarded Best Musical act at Brighton Fringe in 2011, Greatest Living Eccentric & Most Eccentric Artist in 2012, and Best Solo Musician & Best Solo Personality by the Steampunk Chronicle reader's choice awards in 2014.
He released solo albums Skream! from 2006 and Outside the Box from 2010.
Eight years later, the Television and Radio Industries Club presented him with the Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting.