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July 10 Trivia

He appeared early in his career in the movie, Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief.
In 2001, she was voted national athlete of the year for her Peruvian championships in Triathlon and Pentathlon.
He briefly appeared in an episode of the television series, Who's The Boss?.
He worked tirelessly on the investigations of the synthesis of organic compounds.
He ran in the presidential candidate elections in July, 2006 and came in seventh.
He published several books, one of which was entitled 'Love Sonnets of Ghalib.'
He was the first boxer from the 2000 Olympics to capture a world title.
He was once the producer of the magazine program, Kalai Kolam.
His nickname, "El Tiburon," which is Spanish for "The Shark," is a reference to the other sport in which he excelled: swimming.