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January 31 Trivia

She had recurring television roles in the hit series Dexter and ER.
He was the founder of the Rock Against Bush tour, which encouraged Americans to vote George W. Bush out of office in 2004.
He was on Justin Timberlake's MTV series The Phone and starred in Charlie Casanova.
She became an avid supporter of charities such as Locks of Love and Alley Cats.
He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.
He oversaw the Contras' importation of weapons into Nicaragua, which were paid for by crack cocaine that was being smuggled into the United States.
He earned a U.S. Congressional Recognition in 2011 for helping strengthen business ties between the United States and Bangladesh.
He opted to spend his life living in the Arkansas mountains, eschewing trends and focusing on the materials that could be found in The Ozarks.