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January 22 Trivia

His extremely popular video "Yoga Pants Prank!" totaled more than 12 million views in only 1 month.
He has released mixtapes titled Young, Broke, and Infamous, Young Sinatra, Young Sinatra: Undeniable, and Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever.
His debut album, 2003's De Facto, dealt with political corruption, police brutality, and voiced a growing sense of alienation felt by his generation.
He appeared on Anna Nicole's E! Entertainment reality series from time to time.
She came from a family of intellectuals. Her uncle won the 1959 Nobel Prize in medicine for his work on RNA; her great uncle was prominent in Spanish politics; and her father and grandfather wrote poems.
Two documentaries were filmed about his life: Dole √Čireann and The Life and Crimes of Citizen Ming.
She played a major role in the late 1960s comedy program Never a Cross Word.
He was inducted into his high school's Hall of Fame after he became a celebrity.
He was the 2007 Rookie of the Year on the Canadian Tour.