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February 8 Trivia

He was taught guitar by his mother, who also played violin and cello.
From live on-set relaxers, step-by step video tutorials, candid cosmetic commentary and rhythmic rants, she provides a detailed dish and investigative insight as hordes of questions and inquiries pour into her social media channels daily.
He was forced to step down as mayor due to his false medical licenses.
She broke the Ethiopian record for the 1500 meters competition at the 2012 World Indoor Championships, coming in at 3:57.77 minutes.
He declared an independent Malaysia in front of thousands at the 'Stadium Merdeka' on August 31st 1957 and he helped choose it's first national anthem "Negaraku".
His work usually involves the themes of marriage, divorce, and the complications they bring about.
She was nominated for three La Nuestro Awards, given by the television network Univision to honor outstanding artists.