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August 11 Trivia

About 6 months before his EP was available, he released his first single called "A Real Man's Life."
He first appeared in the television shows, Heartbeat and Queer as Folk.
He claimed that the purple Teletubby was a homosexual role model for children and that the attacks of September 11th 2001 occurred because god was angered by homosexuals and homosexual advocacy groups.
He works mostly in metal and his works include every type of metal.
The movie that was based off his play, M. Butterfly, was directed by David Cronenberg and starred Jeremy Irons.
His best-known individual compositions include Missa Profana, Symphonia Sacra, and The Bible of Spirituals.
He was also a film composer, writing the soundtrack for Catalan artist Nuria Juncosa's Internet productions.