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April 9 Trivia

After finishing his sophomore year of college at the age of 21, his close friend, Jerry Purpdrank, introduced him to Vine. At the end of that summer, he already had 1 million followers.
She earned a degree in creative writing from Miami University in 1987 and published her first book eight years later. She also worked for a time as a newspaper editor in Indiana.
When he was thirteen, he was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland.
He spent the last four years of his brief life at the Trappist Abbey of San Isidro de DueƱas, a Catholic monastery.
He has gained reality fame as a lifeguard in the series Bondi Rescue and Bondie Rescue Bali.
He inspired a scholarship grant that allows outstanding college students to study abroad.
In 2003, he published a critically panned novel titled The Devil's Tune.
Prior to becoming the President, he also served as the 6th Vice President of Uruguay.