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22 July Horoscope

July 22 Zodiac

As a Leo born on July 22nd, you are known for your outgoingness and independence. You are energized by the world around you and thrive in social situations. In general you are warm, loving, and generous, which is greatly appreciated by those around you. You seem to naturally take control of situations, which at times is accompanied with such a great confidence that you are mistaken for bossy. Your assertiveness is matched nicely with great creativity.

July 22 Element

Fire is your sign's paired element and you actually have the most fundamental relationship with fire out of all the other zodiac signs. The influence of fire allows you to confront life with great energy and passion. This explains for your fortitude, confidence and enthusiastic nature. As fire's influence naturally makes you an active leader and initiator, you must be aware that it also runs the risk of making you impatient. Also be aware of other negative influences of fire, which include impul

July 22 Career

Your abilities as a natural leader make a variety of careers available to you. You may find it best to experiment with a variety of careers, as your impulsive nature makes trying new experiences a must. However, you would be well suited for any position in business or management. As you love the spotlight, a career in entertainment may also bring you great satisfaction. Look to the work of Selena Gomez and Danny Glover, who were also born on July 22nd, for inspiration.

July 22 Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a man, under emotional stress, having blood rush to his head. You may soon take a journey into the "soul realm," where the activities of the heart dangerously rush into the mind. While the transition from life into mind may be a difficult one, it is a process which we all must eventually conquer.

July 22 Planetary Influence

The Sun is the Leo's ruling planet and because you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you have a double dose of the Sun's power. The Sun is the planet of integration and is directly linked to your vitality, creativity, willpower and ego. This may connect to the fact that you love to be praised and noticed by those around you. You do not shy away from being the center of attention, instead you are quite comfortable with it. The Sun's strong influence in your personality also expl