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13 January Horoscope

January 13 Zodiac

Being a Capricorn born on January 13th, your loyalty, discipline and intelligence define your personality. Although you may be shy when meeting new people, you are extremely open and loyal in your close relationships. Your friends appreciate your loyalty, but they are inspired by your determination and quick mind. Whenever you are met with a worthwhile challenge, you have the fortitude overcome it.

January 13 Element

Earth is your sign's paired element and in fact, of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fundamental relationship with the element. More so than other Earth zodiac signs, you are an active self-starter. Earth's influence keeps you grounded and realistic in your expectations. Embracing your practical earthly qualities will play a key role in your future successes. Be weary of becoming overly cautious and prudent however, as you may miss valuable life experiences.

January 13 Career

Your natural abilities are well-suited for a variety of careers, but narrowing your choices down to one may be difficult. Your intellectual pursuits may lead you down such paths as teaching, history, or philosophy. Similarly, if helping others is your passion, you may do well in politics or counseling. If the world of entertainment is alluring, your communication skills may do well in media, film or television, such was the case for Patrick Dempsey and Julia Louis Dreyfus, who both share your Ja

January 13 Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a woman entering a convent. You may be at a time in your life where you could benefit from protective kindness. Open your mind and heart to those around you, as you would be surprised to know the depth of their loving support.

January 13 Planetary Influence

The Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive planetary influence from Mercury as well. While Saturn's planetary power is responsible for your discipline, determination and organization, it is Mercury's influence that relates links to your gifts of communication and mental agility. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you more intellectually driven than the other Capricorn Decans. In love, you dedicate yoursel