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9 February Horoscope

February 9 Zodiac

As an Aquarius born on February 9th, your personality is defined by your charming, romantic and impulsive nature. People seem to gravitate to your personality, as you are mysterious and warm. Your many admirers is perfect for your romantic nature, as you greatly enjoy being in love and receiving affection. Your relationships may be short-lived however, as you are quite impulsive. In all aspects of life, you can look to explore new and varying interests at a whims notice.

February 9 Element

Air is the paired element of your sign and of all 12 zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element. Your special connection with air gives you the stubborn qualities of a fierce wind. As is the case with all the air zodiac signs, air stirs a strong curiosity within you. When your interest is peaked, air pushes you toward knowledge and understanding. Embracing the positive qualities of air will greatly assist you in life, as long as you avoid air's negative qualities. If left

February 9 Career

Social and original, your natural abilities are well-suited for a variety of career paths, although narrowing your selections down to one is always easier said than done. As you need a constant change of pace and scenery, a career with travel such as sales, international business or consulting may be a great fit for you. Similarly, your caring nature may translate well into people-related careers, such as teaching, advising or counseling. If you are musically inclined, you may use your creativit

February 9 Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously facing a seemingly empty life. Even in the face of very upsetting circumstances or experiences, you have the ability to display profound resilience. In all matters of life, embrace your strength of character and integrity.

February 9 Planetary Influence

Uranus is the planetary ruler of your sign, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the Aquarius sign, you also receive the mysterious planetary power of Venus. Uranus, being the planet of deviation, inspires a strong need for freedom and originality in your life. On the other hand, it is Venus that links to your sociability, warmth and love of beauty. More so than any of the Aquarius Decans, your combination of planetary power makes you more sensitive and emotionally in tune. You c