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27 August Horoscope

August 27 Zodiac

As a Virgo born on August 27th, you are characterized by your intelligence, generosity and discipline. You have outstanding social skills and seem to understand people with ease. You use your understanding to help others, often realizing they need assistance before they do. Your generosity is especially strong towards your loved ones, who it seems you would do anything for. In work, you are very attentive and will devote all your mental energy to tasks you feel are worthwhile.

August 27 Element

Your paired element is Earth and as a Virgo, you are the only zodiac sign with a fixed relationship to the element. While Earth's influence can make you slightly stubborn at times, it drives your need for stability. You find comfort in standing on solid ground, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. Your interests and goals are practical and you tackle life in a prudent way. While your cautiousness often supports you, be careful to not allow it to overly dominate your life, as you may miss ou

August 27 Career

Although finding a career is difficult at times, your natural social skills and discipline will allow you to be successful in a variety of careers. The world of science, engineering or mathematics may do well to satisfy your intellectual interests. Your outstanding attention to detail would also be well-suited for a career in finance or writing. If the entertainment world is your passion, a career in acting or music may be a good fit, which was the career path of Alex Lifeson, who was also born

August 27 Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a man becoming aware of nature's spirits and unseen spiritual energies. While this symbol could relate to a new found spirituality, in a more general sense it relates to expanded levels of consciousness and awareness within. Embrace the connected nature of the world, as a great deal of inner peace can accompany this realization.

August 27 Planetary Influence

The Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive twice the planetary influence from Mercury. As the planet of communication, Mercury's influence is tied heavily to your mental agility and gifts as a communicator. You rarely choose to yours gifts with words for manipulation, instead choosing to be helpful with your words. At times, your practicality causes you to be reserved with your energies and finances, but, for better or worse, t