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20 August Horoscope

August 20 Zodiac

Being a Leo born on August 20th, your ambition and honesty seem to dominate your personality. You are driven to success and rarely find yourself content with your current level or position. While others lack the fortitude to follow through on their ambition, you have never shared in the problem. Your motivation is met with an equally strong desire for honesty in all aspects of life. At times, you can be straightforward to a fault, which can sometimes frustrate your loved ones. Although you reali

August 20 Element

Fire is the Leo's paired element, which explains why you have a more fundamental connection with the element than on of the 12 zodiac signs. The passionate and enthusiastic way you take on life is not by chance, instead it is the result of fire's burning influence over you. In times when a challenge is particularly tough, your ambition only burns stronger, allowing you to rise to the occasion. Embracing these qualities of fire can become one of your greatest strengths. Fire also connects to your

August 20 Career

You have naturally put yourself on a path to success, but it may be difficult to choose a specific career path. Your personality and determination are perfect for the business world, where people would appreciate your straight-shooting ways. Likewise, your social capabilities would make a career in politics or public relations a good fit. If the entertainment world is more appealing, look to more artistic pursuits to find fulfillment. Look to the revolutionary career of singer Robert Plant or th

August 20 Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a mermaid emerging from the ocean, ready for rebirth in human form. While you may be comfortable with your intuition, it is sometimes difficult to materialize your feelings as tangible thoughts. With reflection, you can gain the understanding that you so desperately yearn for.

August 20 Planetary Influence

Your sign is ruled by the Sun, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you also are subject to influence from Mars. The Sun's power connects to your qualities of creativity and individualism, while your courage and vigor are directly linked to the power of Mars. Your unique planetary influence makes you more driven to success than other Leo Decans, which explains why you are so naturally motivated. Your planetary influence does not come without its challenges however. The