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13 August Horoscope

August 13 Zodiac

Being a Leo born on August 13th, you are known for your drive, ambition and honesty. You watch your friends and family procrastinate and fall short of their goals, but you cannot relate. There has rarely been a situation where you weren't able to accomplish a goal you set your mind to. Your high ambition is matched by a desire to be honest and forthright in all aspects of your life. You may notice that people find you blunt, which leaves you disappointed that others don't share in your value of

August 13 Element

The Leo's paired element is fire and in fact, you have the most fundamental connection with the element of all the zodiac signs. The passion and enthusiasm that burns within you is a testament to fire's influence. Your flame never loses fortitude, even in the face of extreme challenges. Embracing these qualities of fire will lead to success in life, but be weary of the impatience and impulsiveness that can accompany too much of fire's influence.

August 13 Career

You have the potential to be successful in a variety of careers, so your greatest challenge may be deciding a specific career path. Your brutal honesty and creative problem solving is well-suited for a career in business or advertising. If you are more drawn to the world of entertainment, you may find a rewarding career in directing, which was the path of Alfred Hitchcock, who was also born on August 13th. If you are more musically inclined, your ambition could drive you to become a great talent

August 13 Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission. You may be at a time in your life where your spiritual energies are being put the test. As you put yourself on a mission to gain understanding, do not lose yourself in your quest. It is only with a strong spiritual center that growth can truly be made.

August 13 Planetary Influence

Your sign's planetary ruler is the Sun, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also subject to the influence of Mars. The Suns power is witnessed in your creativity and willpower, but your assertiveness, courage and vigor are all a product of Mars' influence. Your planetary influence makes you fearless and inventive in dealing with problems. More so than any of the Leo Decans, you are driven to achieve success. You will not be satisfied until you reach the pinnacl